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Earliest Birth YearHelgi Halfdansdottir (I7353)
Birth 528
Latest Birth YearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest Death YearEystein Throndsson King of Hedmark (I7356)
Birth about 668 , Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway

Death about 710 , , , Norway
Latest Death Year Wayland Leon Houston (I14343)
Birth 8 July 1941 Lubbock, , Texas, USA

Death 17 September 2019 Austin, Travis County, Texas, USA
Person who lived the longest
Pearl Brazil (I11048)
Birth 11 February 1911 Tahlequah, , Oklahoma, USA

Death 3 April 2017 Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, USA
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Ferdinand Carl Wilhelm Friedrich Dobberfuhl + Maria Dorothea Rosalia Wille (F2532)
Marriage 26 May 1871 Freistadt, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, USA
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
Buening, Pipkorn, Schoessow, Wendt
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Wendt, Reinhard Gustav Reinhard Gustav26 February 200218Death 
Wendt, Nola Anna M. Nola Anna M.26 February 200218Death 
McSweeney, Adele Isabel Adele Isabel26 February 199228Death 
Snesrud, Elliot Almer Elliot Almer26 February 198337Death 
Galloway Jr, James Rolland James Rolland26 February 197050Birth 
Volgman, Maria M. Maria M.26 February 196258Death 
Schwerdt, Johannah Johannah26 February 195268Death 
Wendt, Samuel Johann Ferdinand Samuel Johann Ferdinand26 February 194872Death 
Engel, Paul Henry Paul Henry26 February 194377Military 
Mitchell, William Boyd William Boyd26 February 193882Birth 
Gibbs, Harry Cooper Harry Cooper26 February 193783Death 
Munn, Ruth Ruth26 February 193090Death 
Gause, Wilber Maurice Wilber Maurice26 February 192793Birth 
McCalla, Merlin O'Dell Merlin O'Dell26 February 192694Birth 
Howard, John Curtis John Curtis26 February 192199Birth 
Williams, Sudie R. Sudie R.26 February 1898122Birth 
Turner, William Penn William Penn26 February 1888132Birth 
Hein, Hedwig Bertha Auguste Hedwig Bertha Auguste26 February 1878142Birth 
Wills, William Everett William Everett26 February 1871149Birth 
Gropp, Katherine Katherine26 February 1865155Death 
Müller, Caroline Wilhelmine Dorothea Caroline Wilhelmine Dorothea26 February 1840180Birth 
Botsch, Johann Georg Johann Georg26 February 1801219Birth 
Kunzmann, Johannes Johannes26 February 1722298Birth 
Richardson, James James26 February 1676344Birth 
Mortimer I, Hugh Hugh26 February 1185835Death 
Mortimer II, Hugh Hugh26 February 1181839Death 
Thornbrew, Clarence Nathan
Clarence Nathan26 February 197149Divorce 
Goetz, Thomas
(unknown), Edna
Thomas26 February 195466Marriage 
Buening, Arthur Henry
Hardy, Ada M.
Arthur Henry26 February 1902118Marriage 
Hüber, Hans Georg
Baures, Barbara
Hans Georg26 February 1732288Marriage 
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