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Scheer, Esther M. Esther M.17 October 20127Death 
Munn, Elliot Frank Elliot Frank17 October 200712Death 
Newman, Virginia Kathryn Virginia Kathryn17 October 199821Death 
Williams, Lola E. Lola E.17 October 198534Death 
Turner, Robert Ellison Robert Ellison17 October 198435Death 
Meyer, Albertina Pauline Albertina Pauline17 October 197940Death 
Clayton, Virgil Kirthman Virgil Kirthman17 October 197544Death 
Trayser, Arthur Bertram Arthur Bertram17 October 196851Death 
Cole, Eva Vermell Eva Vermell17 October 195366Death 
DeFee Sr, Arnold Eugene Arnold Eugene17 October 194574Military 
Zuehlsdorf, Joanne J. Joanne J.17 October 194079Birth 
Broach, Lucille Gladys Lucille Gladys17 October 192891Birth 
Dobberfuhl, Maria Antionette Maria Antionette17 October 192594Death 
Steinhour, Earl Byron Earl Byron17 October 1898121Birth 
Mappus, Matilda Helena Theresa Matilda Helena Theresa17 October 1895124Baptism 
Eggert, Frieda M. Frieda M.17 October 1882137Birth 
Medley, Julia Josephine Julia Josephine17 October 1882137Birth 
Creason, Della E. Della E.17 October 1874145Birth 
Bellin, Michael Michael17 October 1871148Death 
Lenz, Margaretha Sophie Margaretha Sophie17 October 1860159Birth 
Morlock, Jakob Jakob17 October 1838181Birth 
Kühner, Friedrich Friedrich17 October 1834185Birth 
Throop, Submit Submit17 October 1784235Death 
Gooch, Sarah Sarah17 October 1751268Birth 
Ernst, Melvin Otto
Gierach, Gertrude Louise
Melvin Otto17 October 194079Marriage 
Ehlert Jr., Carl Frederick
Steltz, Evelyn Marguerite
Carl Frederick17 October 193980Marriage 
Lehrke, Franz A.
Buening, Elizabeth
Franz A.17 October 1880139Marriage 
Mintzlaff, Friedrich J.
Lueder, Wilhelmina D.
Friedrich J.17 October 1873146Marriage 
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